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The Anya Neck Scarf
The Anya Neck Scarf
The Anya Neck Scarf
The Anya Neck Scarf

The Anya Neck Scarf

$48.00 USD

Anya is full of wanderlust. Reminiscent of florals in the tropics, she is Summertime sewn into a scarf. 

Our Anya is a lightweight neck scarf made from 100% dead-stock silk fabric that is naturally bundle-dyed by hand. This special method sandwiches natural elements between two layers of fabric that is rolled and tied–making little bundles that get steamed in a dye bath. Using lac and hibiscus dyes the outcome is beautiful shades of magentas and pinks, giving each piece truly one-of-a-kind details. 

This scarf is perfect, tied around your hair, around the handle of your favorite bag or for feeling Parisian with her tied around your neck. 

Dye Information:

  • Bundle-dyed with Lac and Hibiscus. Lac is a traditional Indian Dye. 
  • All of the water used in our process is rainwater, that is gathered in a 60,000 gallon cistern under our dye house, and collected from our rooftop. 
  • The textile industry is the second largest polluter of waterways globally. By using only plant based materials, we are eliminating the harmful chemicals that are created by traditional commercial dyeing. 
  • Each natural dye lot is 100% unique due to natural variance in plant harvest batches. 
  • All items we dye are first scoured and mordanted using mineral salts, then processed in plant based dyes in our industrial paddle dye machines. 
  • All solid dye matter is composted after being used as dye
  • We work with dye suppliers who are committed to ethically sourcing from farms all over the world, with farmers who are using sustainable practices. 

Fabric and Care Instructions:
100% Deadstock Silk. To care for the Anya Neck Scarf hand wash cold and hang dry out of direct sunlight. Garment is sewn with care in Los Angeles.

Natural Dye Care:
When washing naturally dyed items, it is best to wash cold using pH neutral soap. Never clean a naturally dyed product using bleach or oxiclean. Never dump soap directly on top garments.

Color Disclaimer: Bundle Dye is a hand dyeing technique done by hand which results in the subtle high-low effect creating unevenness up close, but looks even from afar. This result allows for each piece to be unique, no two are alike.

Size and Fit:
Anya measures 17" x 17".

**All Series capsules orders are based on our new pre-order program.
Each Series will be available from the Wednesday they launch, to the following Friday (10 days). Once the pre-order window closes, the items will start shipping 30-45 days after. Learn more about why we switched and why it's a better way for everyone here.

Hibiscus-Multi (plant dye)
Series - FAQ

It's not a new thing to hear that the fashion industry contributes heavily to the world's environmental problems with the amount of waste that it produces. By now, everyone should know how devastating this issue is, but in case you don’t, here are some stats that the United Nations Environment Progamme recently released:

The fashion industry in responsible for 10% of annual GLOBAL carbon emissions.

The fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water PER YEAR.

Around 20% of wastewater WORLDWIDE comes from fabric dyeing.

The driving force behind the pollution in the fashion industry, bar none, is over production. Traditional apparel brands and fast-fashion companies over produce by MILLIONS in order to try and accurately meet their demand. Think of it like this:

Fashion products are constantly changing, typically, at least every season. Companies don’t know how much they are going to sell in a given season, or what sizes are going to sell best so they end up over-producing to try and meet their demand. This means that companies are typically left with an excess of 20-30% of their inventory each season. They have one, maybe two shots to put it on sale and liquidate it, and after that it becomes unsellable and, in effect, burdensome.

Some companies throw it away. Some companies give it away. Some companies even burn it.

Think about what that looks like for some of the biggest apparel companies on the planet. That is a huge number of unused products. All companies are different, and some operate more efficiently than others, but on a whole, overproduction is the largest contributor to waste in the fashion industry.


Our attempt at solving this issue and promoting a culture of slow-fashion within our industry. Series are limited run pre-order capsules that launch every other week. We collect orders for 10 days, close the selling window, and cut each batch to order, allowing for next to no overproduction or unnecessary waste. Products are turned around and shipped within 30 – 45 days.

As a small company with fewer resources than bigger brands, Series allow us to maintain a higher level of quality and offer truly limited editions, while still being able to deliver plenty of elegant and exciting styles throughout the year. We understand that waiting up to 45 days to receive an order sounds like forever, but only because we've all gotten so used to things being as fast and convenient as possible – and that comes with a price that we cannot willingly be a part of. Our hope is that our amazing community will adapt along side us, and be open to the idea of slowing things down for the sake of our planet.

There's plenty more we want to tell you about Series, so we put together a list of questions to help clarify anything. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at and we will make sure to get back to you. 

Series FAQ

How do Series eliminate waste?
Most apparel brands cut high volumes in their styles to sell over a long seasonal period, but anything that goes unsold can often end up getting burned or dumped in landfills. By switching to our pre-order Series capsules every piece is made to order, so we'll only produce the amount that we have orders for. Meaning we'll never have to contribute to the dumping or burning of leftover clothes.

What is "Slow Fashion"?
To us, this quote from Kat Collings, Editor in Chief at Who What Wear says it perfectly.

"Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing (as compared to the immediate gratification of fast fashion)."

What else do you guys do to ensure sustainable fashion?
Thanks for asking. We focus on natural fibers and opt for organic and recycled qualities where we can. We also strive to dye as many of our products as possible with all natural botanical dyes like turmeric and indigo. Our products are meant to last, in terms of both quality and style, so we ask that you cherish your womn. clothes and wear them until you no longer can.

How do Series work?
All of our Series will be sold through a 10 day pre-order window. Each Series will launch on a Wednesday (9am PST) and be available for pre-order until the following Friday (11:59pm PST). Once the 10 day window has closed, we will start producing the orders, and they will start shipping 30-45 days later.

What if I want something from a past Series?
Unfortunately, you won't be able to order from past Series. Keep in mind that's one of the reasons each style will be even more special. Only producing for the amount of orders we receive is what eliminates waste, while also making each piece a truly limited edition style. 

What if I pre-order the wrong size, or it doesn't fit when I receive it?
We understand that sometimes exchanges need to happen. So, to help accommodate those customers we will produce a small handful of extras for each style, color and size. These will be used to replace damaged product, help with returns and exchanges, and if we have any left overs they will be gifted or held onto for our bi-annual sales. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee the ability to exchange pieces, but we'll try our best and as long as we have it, we'll exchange it for you.

Does waiting mean I won't get to wear it because the seasons might change already?
This is a great question and we are happy to say, not at all! Our pre-orders are intended for shopping forward. Our goal is to make sure that we start pre-orders a littler earlier so when your pieces get delivered to you, it's the perfect time to wear them.

I don't know if I can wait that long?
We hope you can reconsider. The delivery timeline is about the same as our ShopSmall capsules, so if you purchased any of those, you've already done it! If you really think you can't wait, think about it this way – in the big picture, the 45 days is very little compared to the 1,095 days (or more) that the style will be in your closet as one of your favorite go-to pieces.

How does slowing things down make it better?
Slowing down allows us to make our process better and cleaner for the environment. It also, means we have more time to make sure everything is perfect. From the fit, to fabric, to production and quality, everything will be that much more considered and looked over. 

What else can I do to be a better consumer and promote Slow Fashion?
Repair your damaged clothes. Donate what you no longer use. Be mindful of what you purchase and strive for quality over quantity. Interact with brands and ask them to promote slow fashion strategies. Shop vintage or second hand – and, of course, Shop Womn!

How do we define quality?

You've heard us talk about maintaining a high level of quality since we started in 2019, but what does that really mean? For us, quality is something that bleeds into the entire process, not just the end result. 

It starts with an idea.

In the early stages of design, we don't base our styles on trends or fads that might be gone the next year. We pride ourselves on the elegant, sophisticated  and timelessness of our styles – making sure that you'll be happy to keep them in your closet season after season.

Developing with purpose.
We have recently brought on a new development team and timeline that gives us the ability to do multiple rounds of fittings to make sure that when you receive your order, it fits exactly how it should. 
What are natural fibers?
Natural fibers – like Cotton, Linen, Tencel and Bamboo – are far better than synthetic options when it comes to Mother Nature. We also opt for organic and recycled options as much as possible to limit the impact we have on the environment. 

Testing our fabrics.
We make sure to test our fabrics in a multiple number of ways in order to gauge wash shrinkage, and knitting quality to make sure that what you receive is the best it can be.

Quality of life.
All of our garments are made here in Los Angeles in clean and ethically certified facilities. Not only does that allow us to do better quality control on the pieces, it also reassures us that the factories we are partnering with are conscious as well, and treat their workers the way we would.

Natural dye techniques.
While not everything we produce is naturally dyed due to the higher cost, there are times it makes sense, and we do it to add a certain level of specialness to a piece. Whether that's getting the perfect shade, being lighter on the environment, or using a dye technique that makes each piece unique and one of a kind – when we naturally dye a certain style, we'll be sure to let you know more about it in the description.

The final product.
Of course, our main goal is to deliver you the best thing we can, and part of what makes it the best is throughout the entire process, quality is something that is talked about in more ways than one.

Color Variation Disclaimer
We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. This is because every device, screen and monitor can have slightly different color settings. 

Another reason some colors might vary from product to product is when things are naturally dyed. We love when we can naturally dye our pieces as the process makes each piece special and truly one of a kind. We'll always let you know which styles are naturally dyed so you know before ordering.
The Anya Neck Scarf

The Anya Neck Scarf

$48.00 USD