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Why is Spring not shipping till the 26th?

Why is Spring 2020 not shipping till the 26th?

Being a small company one of the things we focus on is making limited runs of our products, with that said we also want to try our best to make sure everyone who wants something, has a chance to get it. Our Spring 2020 collection is starting out on a Pre-Order system and all orders from 3/12 - 3/25 will start shipping 3/26. We know you want the pieces you ordered as soon as possible, but we are trying it this way as it will allow us to launch with a limited quantity of each style, and if certain pieces/sizes sell out really quickly, it will allow us to potentially do a second run of certain styles - but we'll keep you posted on that.

Should I order on launch day or wait till the 26th to place my order?

We urge everyone to order sooner than later, and if you know you want something, order it right away. This is because we can't guarantee that more pieces can be made in every style. So, order on launch day to make sure your package gets shipped out on the 26th. We really do appreciate your patience and are so excited for you to get the new collection.