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Our Long Term Commitment for Racial and Social Equality

We, like many of you (all of you hopefully) have been listening, learning, and stand with the Black community over the recent events of racial and social injustice. Enough is truly enough. We, as a business, brand and most simply, humans, cannot allow this to fade away as it has in the past. We strongly believe that we all have a role to play in making things better and we all must do our part.

Our team is a family, and our community is an extension of that. We see our short and long term action starting at the "family" level – we say, "family" because to us, family is who we can share our thoughts with, help teach but learn from as well, and have the tough conversations with. It might be your actual family, the way you and your friends are a family, the sense of family you've created with co-workers, building your new family with a loved one or even a second family that has always cared for you. Families are strong, and the stronger they get, the stronger they grow. 

What we've done so far as a family.
We've sat down with each other and have had long conversations about the racial inequality in this country (and the world). We've shared resources with one another and have helped each other listen and learn. We have stood with our Black brothers and sisters during protests in LA. We have been reading and watching different books and documentaries. We have made donations to organizations that are fighting the good fight. We've even had conversations with our parents, other family members and our different friend circles. And we will continue to do so.

We don't share this to show you that we're done – we share this because we still know there is so much more to do. We all have a long way to go before the change we all want to see will be here, and it's important that we all keep listening, learning and changing.

How are we planning to change as a company?
We will continue to hold ourselves accountable as a brand that will actually do what we can to make a difference. Our team sat down to talk about what we can really do to help as we move forward, and we have so many great ideas. With that said, we are not a big company and in order for us to be able to make a difference, we have to be able to remain a company. If we were bigger and had the means right now, we would give out scholarships to talented designers who might not otherwise have the means to get a higher education from a design school. We would help fund community projects that fix up parks and bring nature back to Black communities. We would do a lot of things if we had the means to do them, but we simply do not. 

The lesson here is just because we can't do them now, doesn't mean we can't start them now. That's why we are creating a fund and will be setting aside money, while making sure that we can continue to grow and have more impact as a company. We wish we could be doing more right now, but we feel it is better to be in this for long term goals that will support long term change, than to just do something right now to look like we care. We hope you, our extended family, can see that what we're doing is fighting for change that will stay. 

What is the Fund?
Right now, it is being set up and we will be making contributions to it over time. We have a lot of ideas that we think the fund could be used for, but will continue to listen and think of ways it could be purposed to have its greatest impact. We'll keep our community updated as it grows, and as we figure out the best uses for it. We're also looking into ways we can allow other individuals, companies and organizations to help contribute, and will keep you posted. 

Other ways we are changing as a company.
We have always made giving back part of who we are, but that's not the only way brands need to change. Since we're a very small team of seven people, we know that as we grow, we'll be hiring more people. We are committed to building a diverse team – not just because it's the "right" thing to do, but because we truly believe that in a creative and collaborative setting, diversity is what keeps everyone inspired, curious and constantly learning.

We thank you.
All of you. It's only because of you that we have the ability to have a platform, have a community, and can continue to make a difference. This is just the beginning and we're glad you stand at our side as we all stand for racial and social equality.