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08/21/20: An update on womn.

Our goal in starting WOMN. has always been to be able to bring our community a way to choose consciously created clothing without having to settle on style or quality. Something that is becoming tougher and tougher for us to do, and we cannot ignore the effects of what's going on around the world. 

When the COVID19 pandemic started we, like everyone around the world, were very uncertain on what the effects would be and how it could impact us as a company. It made us think about the health and safety of our team, but also everything about our business. Would factories we partner with shut down? Would our fabric mills still be open? Would people still be buying clothes? And what feels like a million other questions we didn’t know the answers to.

We stayed optimistic and put our heads together and came up with what we thought was the best way for us to be able to continue to release new styles to our community. Instead of one big collection every season that demands taking on heavy development costs and inventory overhead, we shifted to Series, a better way of selling clothes – we thought. It’s better for the planet, but with everything currently going on, we recently had to have a discussion about whether WOMN. can survive at the rate we’re going.

As a team, we all agreed first and foremost delivering every order that was placed (unless you got an email already, and we’re extremely sorry!) is our main priority. Our community is our lifeline, without every single person who’s ever placed an order we might not have gotten this far, and we know we haven’t been perfect. So, thank you. Thank you for sticking with us through our ups and downs, and remaining supportive through it all. That’s what makes our current situation so difficult. Our team came to an agreed conclusion that we have two options, shut down, or scale things back and figure out a way that we can continue to do what we set out to do, but in a way that makes sense for our community, us, and all during a global pandemic. 

So, what does “scaling back” mean? We watched sales decrease with each of the first four series. So, you may have noticed, it starts with delaying the launch of Series 5. We believe Series 5 could be the best series to date, and instead of rolling it out this week we said, let’s slow down. Our plan is to have five launch mid September, and 6 to come mid October. Today (8/21), we’re launching a site-wide sale on all remaining inventory from our previous collections. There’s a lot of beautiful styles that we still love, and we want to offer it at 65% off to our community, and will ship within 3-5 days of ordering. 

So much is still unknown, not just for us but for everyone right now. So we’ve agreed to be fluid and take things one day at a time. None of us are willing to give up on what we’re creating together and we are grateful for the support of everyone in our community. We will share updates as we have them and keep everyone up to speed with what’s going on. 

Thank you. 

The team at womn.