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Series III is closed.

Series III might have ended, but Pre-Order for Series IV starts this Wednesday (@9am PST).


A better way to make conscious clothing. 

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Long Term Plan for Change

We are committed to standing up for what we believe in. As a small company we might not be able to do everything we'd  like to, but it doesn't mean we can't start planning and taking action. 

the plan

What are conscious clothes?

For us, conscious clothes are tasteful and stylish pieces that are made to last and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy. It means making clothes that don’t hurt the environment and that empower women to be themselves and embrace their own femininity.

Not what you're used to, but better.

We get it, no one is used to waiting up to 45 days to get something they just bought. We take pride in doing what we think is "right" and strive to make choices that can actually have an impact. 

One of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest, the fashion industry contributes so largely to environmental problems is due to all of the unsold products that companies dispose of through burning or dumping in landfills. Our pre-order Series capsules eliminate that opportunity – every piece is made to order making them truly special. We think that alone is worth waiting a little longer, but click below to learn more about why Series are so much better.